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Also, I can't say enough good things about Carlos.  I was very impressed with him and how very hard he worked.  He always called to let us know when he would be at our home....nice guy, great worker! 

SERVPRO NW & AMES came to our house after a spigot broke in the basement, Cleaned the mess before lunch. Then ventilated the rooms. Amazing work. Would recommend. 

Smoke-Free for 49 Days and Counting


Congratulations to client Chris Lucas who has been smoke free for 49 days and counting! 

Chris really wanted to quit smoking and completed the 8-Week Freedom from Smoking Class offered through Easter Seals Iowa (in partnership with CVS Health Foundation and Easter Seals National). He was able to quit!

Chris had tried to quit eight times before, because of the cost of smoking and health risks involved.

Chris said, “I had support through my Easter Seals staff. If I wanted to talk about my urges to smoke, they would talk to me about it. I knew they were there if I needed anything. I also had to remember, it’s my journey and it’s up to me to stay on track. The Freedom from Smoking class helped a lot.”

As an added incentive, if Chris stayed smoke free for at least 30 days after the class was over, he would receive a cleaning service. He had been smoking in his apartment for 16 YEARS and the carpet and walls were in desperate need of a cleaning. 

We contacted several cleaning companies with NO luck. Then we found- SERVPRO of Des Moines NW and Ames. Their excitement to provide this very detailed cleaning and thermal treatment for our client at a significantly reduced cost is an incredible testament to their kindness, professionalism and service to their community. 

This cleaning was a HUGE motivator for Chris and he has full confidence he can stay smoke free!

Chris and his Easter Seals Iowa support staff have created a plan for accountability to set him up for continued success. To stay smoke-free, Chris plans to head to the gym more often and focus on his computer programming and artistic drawings and paintings. 

Congratulations Chris and thank you SERVPRO of Des Moines NW and Ames! 

We had a disaster when the roof we were working on leaked due to an unexpected rain storm. Insulation was wet, drywall was falling, and water was running.

We called SERVPRO and they were there immediately inspecting the damage and developing a plan of action. They were professional, quick and put our minds at ease. They helped mediate with the homeowner, so that everyone was satisfied in the end.

I cannot say enough good things about Brian and his team. They truly took a terrible situation and made it work for everyone involved.

Thanks Brian!

Steve Squires

I have had a wonderful experience with SERVPRO. Our refrigerator leaked while we were on a trip., SERVPRO has been extremely prompt, very courteous, respectful and friendly. They have shown up and called exactly when they promised. They always explained exactly what they were doing and what I should expect. I am in customer service and have very high expectations. These gentlemen and SERVPRO have exceeded all my expectations. I would highly recommend them.