Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Basement flood

This home had a sump pump failure because it just couldn't keep up with the rain. The homeowners were out of town when this happened, when they returned they fo... READ MORE

Storm damage to home in Des Moines

This local home had bad storm gutters on their home so the drains couldn't keep up with all of the rain. Which caused the foundation to flood and the home to fl... READ MORE

Water damage from a storm

During a really bad storm the strong winds and heavy rain blew shingles off of this home owners roof. Due to the damage from the storm rain leaked in and soaked... READ MORE

Rain caused business to flood.

A really bad rain storm cause the water loss in this business. The storm drains couldn't keep up with at the water rushing into them so the water started floodi... READ MORE

Roof damaged during storm.

During a recent storm this family home was hit by a big tree that was knocked over by the strong winds that the storm produced. This tree hit the roof and left ... READ MORE

Storm Damages - Small Business in Ankeny

This particular loss involved a small business located in Ankeny that had a roof collapse from the weight of snow and ice. After the roof partially collapsed t... READ MORE