Water Damage Photo Gallery

Water loss at apartment complex.

In this photo this is the gym part of the complex that flooded. SERVPRO was called in and we cleaned up all the damaged areas and set our equipment and came back and monitored it once a day until the floor and wall is dry.

Water loss at a local bank.

This local bank had a water main break in the wall which caused to wall to be soaked and soaking the carpet and the padding. SERVPRO was called, we came in and tore up the carpet and the padding cut the wet drywall out and set fans and a dehumidifier. 

Water Damages to Business in Ankeny

This was water damages to the ceiling in a business caused by heavy rains.  As you can see in the picture there was extensive water damages to the ceiling.  Our emergency response team was in the middle of discarding all non-salvageable items.  After cleaning up the debris we set up advanced drying equipment and had our rebuild division repair the roof to prevent this from happening again. If your business or home has water damages call 24/7 the experts at SERVPRO of Des Moines NW at (515) 986-3711.  

Water Damages to Hardwood Flooring in Des Moines

This shows how water can damage hardwood flooring.  The hardwood flooring was 3/4" thick, 5" wide, hand-scraped and pre-finished on the top.  Although, it was unfinished on the sides and the bottom of the hardwood flooring.  

The water traveled thru the cracks where the hardwoods met and absorbed into the hardwood flooring and into the sub-floor.  In this situation in order to clean, disinfect, and properly dry the sub-floor we had no other choice but to remove all the hardwood flooring that was located above the saturated sub-floor.

The owner of the home was astonished that the water traveled as far as it did and could cause that much damage.  After the dry-out phase was completed we installed new hardwood flooring and made the disaster "Like it never even happened."

Water Damages to Historical Home in Des Moines

This was the aftermath of a plumbing leak in the upstairs bathroom tub/shower that caused water to travel down into the ceiling of a office below.

Due to the home being historic, the owner of the residence wanted the wood molding/trim to be salvaged to match with the rest of the home.

The crown molding and wall trim was a one of kind that had the original stain from the early 1900's.  In order to remove the wet ceiling/walls and repair it properly we detached the molding delicately and later were able to reset it after the ceiling repairs were.  This particular job put our repair division to the test and in the end the owner of the residence was thrilled with the finished product.

Hidden Water Damages inside the Ceiling

This residence experienced water/sewage damages caused by a failure in the waste line located in the ceiling.  Due to the sudden failure, water mixed with waste and seeped out and onto the drywall.

We have a team of water restoration technicians that are available 24/7.  Our trucks have specialized water inspection, extraction, and drying equipment to tackle any size loss.